About Slant & Submission Guidelines

Slant is a poetry e- journal featuring three poems per author on the subject of dysfunction. We’re interested in poetry that explores various dysfunctional environments be it mental, familial, natural, political, societal and others. If you have a poem addressing your dysfunctional sunglasses, send them in, too. We’re interested in the humorous, the serious, and the rebellious.  Because we are theme based, we like reading and publishing poetry in batches and therefore require that the poetry showcased by each author stands as a cohesive whole.

If you are interested in submitting to Slant, please send three (only three)  unpublished poems to slantpoetry@gmail.com with  “poetry submission – your name” in the subject line. Please include a brief bio (brief!) along with your submission. Please include your poems within the body of the email. If you have special formatting requirements, please query us beforehand regarding our attachment policy. We read on a rolling basis and do not commit to scheduled release dates. All work published in Slant will remain in our archives. Each author will have one full page dedicated to their poems  for (around) a two week time period until a new batch of poems by a different author will take their place.

We accept simultaneous submissions as long as we are notified immediately if any of the poems submitted have been accepted for publication elsewhere.

At times, the editor may choose to include artwork on the poetry page along with the published poems. All showcased artwork  is chosen solely by the editor.

We expect to release one print anthology annually containing selected poems published to the Slant web journal from the previous year.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for a response. Any questions should be sent to slantpoetry@gmail.com.

*Slant is unable to pay its contributors. While the editor of Slant wishes poets made money for their art, the editor is very aware that we all do this for the love of it. The editor hopes you feel the same.

Slant does not retain the rights of the work published to the web journal, however, by agreeing to allow Slant to publish your work, you also agree to the indefinite archival of your poetry or prose to the web journal. Slant trusts that those authors whose work has been showcased here will acknowledge Slant if said work is published again elsewhere.

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